Social Network Emergency Contact

Why Social Network?

While traveling abroad there is a high possibility that your usual phone number will not be reachable by call. For this reason, to help you in case of trouble, we ask your Social Network ID.

By using Social Network as long as you have an Internet connection, you are able to communicate with anyone, anytime, anywhere, in any kind of circumstances.

The Social Network account you will provide us will be registered and used only by our Social Network ID emergency contact in the event of trouble or in case we will need to contact you immediately. Please be assured that your ID will be deregistered after use.

How Social Network Emergency Contact Works

Fill in your Whatsapp, Skype or LINE account during the booking

A trouble occurred during the rental

Rental819 will contact you on your Social and help you.

Rental819’s Social Networks

Our recommended application is Whatsapp. If you provide us your phone number used in Whatsapp into the reservation, in case of emergency we will be able to contact you through Whatsapp call. If you don‘t have Whatsapp, we recommend you to check it at link .

In case you will fill in your Skype Contact (Skype Name, Skype phone number or email address) in case of emergency we will send you a request to be able to call you through Skype call.

If you use LINE, please enter your LINE ID or phone number.
Check LINE at this link . If you enter a LINE ID, make sure to enable your LINE ID to allow others to add it by search.

Also, people using a “Skype to Phone” plan or a Skype Number can freely use them also in Japan. Wspecially during emergencies to contact emergency numbers such as police or Ambulance or to contact our call center for some help. Check Skype’s plan options here .