Regarding the ETC Card

What is an ETC?

ETC stands for Electronic Toll Collection system.
It is the wireless toll system used on Japanese expressways, consisting in a system for paying tolls by wireless communication between antenna on expressway tollgates and in-vehicle ETC equipment, allowing drivers to pass smoothly through toll gates without having to stop at the toll booth.

ETC Reader

ETC Card

ETC Indicator

The staff of the shop will setup the card for you and show you that the system is working correctly (continuos green light display)

Note: Vehicles under 125cc are not allowed in the highway and cannot install and set-up in-vehicle ETC equipment for motorcycles.

How to use ETC

When arriving at the expressway toll gates, drive through the ETC Lanes, recognizable from the signal ETC専用 as in the picture.

Without stopping, drive in the center of the blue line and keeping your speed at less than 20 km/h.

Finally, check if the bar opens correctly and pass through at slow pace.

ETC rental at Rental819

At Rental819, we offer motorcycles equipped with ETC readers (although some vehicles may not have this feature). Additionally, ETC card rentals are available at select shops, but please note that not all locations offer ETC card rentals. Please inquire at the shop on the day of your visit for availability.

Notes for ETC Card Rental:
・The ETC card incurs a rental fee of 220 yen per day
・The ETC card rental fee will be settled upon returning the rental bike.

Important Notices on the ETC use

When stopping at the gate
  • Please keep enough distance between vehicles and pass through slowly to avoid the risk regarding eventual stop from the vehicles in front of you.
  • There may be the risk of malfunction of the ETC in case of driving side by side, swerve, overtaking, zigzag, etc. Keep enough distance from other vehicles and enter the line straight at less than 20 km/h and keeping 5 meters from the vehicle in front of you.
  • Never overtake when other vehicles in ETC lanes.
In case of error on the Lane
  • If the bar does not open when passing through the ETC lane, to prevent collisions with following vehicles and to ensure customer safety, please evacuate from the lane by carefully avoiding the bar and paying attention to following vehicles.
  • After evacuating, contact the expressway company that manages the lane as soon as possible from a safe place where you are allowed to park and follow instructions.
  • If you drive side by side, overtake, zigzag, swerve, etc. ETC will not operate properly and serious accidents can occur. Keep enough distance from other vehicles and enter straight, slowly and one by one.
  • Please do not back up, U-turn or move to other lanes.
  • Please use the general lanes at tollgates where ETC lanes are not available. Even if you used ETC to enter, if you cannot use ETC to exit, please use the general lanes and present the ETC card to the staff.
If there is no ETC Lane available
  • At tollgates where ETC lanes are closed or ETC lanes are not available, please use the general lanes.