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Return of the vehicle


In case of delay in your return

In case you are unable to meet your rental return time, contact by phone the rental shop first.

*Extension fee will be charged.
Check our extension fees at this page  

Return with Full Tank

Return the vehicle after filling up the tank with the specified fuel.

*In case of return without filling the tank, shortfall will be charged according to our company’s rates.

Vehicle Return Procedures

We will hold the final vehicle scratch check according to the scratch check sheet used at the time of the rental. Do not forget personal your belongings loaded on the vehicle.

*Scratches or damages caused by customers’ falls or bad management will be charged as repair costs.

Check all the details regarding parking violation here .

Regarding Vehicle’s Inspection Certificate

When returning your vehicle make sure to have with you the original inspection certificate and to return it with the vehicle. Without the original certificate the vehicle can not be used, therefore if you loose it you agree to pay the certificate reissuance fee.