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During Your Rental


Observe the rules

During your rental, always make sure to always ride according to Japan’s road rules.
Since Japanese trafficu rules may be different from those in your country, to know more regarding Japan’s traffic regulations, check our Japan Driving Regulations page .

In case of accidents, falls, or vehicle troubles

In case of independent fall or vehicle’s trouble

Call the number written on your rental agreement and follow support staff’s instructions

*Depending on the degree of damage to the vehicle body due to a fall, you may be charged up to the maximum amount of deductible for vehicle Collision Damage Waiver.

*in case the vehicle will not be able to be used for the next rental, you may be asked the payment of a Non-Operation Charge.

In case of accident with another party

*In case of language problems, directly contact the number written on your rental agreement.

1.Injured First Aid

Check Injured condition and call Japanese Emergency medical service number 119.

2.Report to the police

Regardless of the fault, call Police number 110.

3.Check the other party

Write down the name, address and contact information of the other party.

4.Contact the insurance company

Involved parties must contact insurance company. In case of language or any other problems contact Rental819 headquarters.

5.Contact the rental store

Report the situation of the accident to Rental819 and follow our staff instructions.

Social Network Emergency Contact

In case of troubles during your rental, our headquarters will make all they can to help you. The only thing you will have to do is to give your Social App ID name during your reservation. To know more details, check our Social Network Emergency Contact page  .

Road service

We provide road service for all our vehicles. In case you will need road service, contact the number on the rental agreement and follow our support staff instructions.

About Parking Violation

In Japan, when parking your motorcycle on the road, depending on the location there may be cases you will incur in a parking violation and to pay a fine.

  • In case of parking violation
  • You will find an illegal parking notice, with 駐車違反 wrote on your rental vehicle
  • Go to the Police Station in charge in the area the parking violation happened, go through the formalities and pay the fine.
  • After completing the procedures, return the vehicle
  • In case you will not handle the parking violation procedures
  • If you will fall to handle the parking violation procedures before returning your rental vehicle, you will be charged the parking violation fee and our company will charge you another 20,000 yen parking violation penalty.
    Check all the details regarding parking violation here 

In case of vehicle’s theft

Theft Compensation is included for all our vehicles’ rental and its compensation covers 50% of the damage fee set by our company on the vehicle. However, theft compensation do not apply in the following cases.

  • In case you forget the handle lock
  • In case you forget vehicle's keys

*Customer is charged for any other damage included in theft damage exceeding theft compensation explained above. Therefore be extremely careful when leaving your rental motorcycle on the road.