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Arrive at the shop and rental departure.


Items to bring before your departure

Items you need to get ready for the rental procedure

  • Domestic driving license
  • International Driving Permit or Domestic License’s Official Japanese Translation (requirements differ from country to country)
  • Passport
  • Credit Card: by the name of the renter.
    Please find below the credit card brands that can be used in our shops.

From Procedures to Departure

Once you will be at your departure shop, rental procedures will take about 15 minutes, therefore we suggest to come some time in advance.

Rental Agreement Explanation

After a warm welcoming, our staff will show you your booking’s Rental Agreement. Here you will check your booking details: vehicle, rental date, rental time,

rental days, options, etc., Then you will submit your domestic license, international driving permit and passport. For more details regarding the required documents, the 3 Fundamental Items to ride in Japan

After confirmation of rental agreement contents and of your documents, you will sing the contract.
Feel free to ask to our staff for any detail regarding the contract.

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If there is no issue, you will proceed with the payment by credit card.
Note: at Rental819 first time rental payment are made only by credit card by the name of the renter.

The payment will be for the entire rental fee. Eventual other payments occurred during the rental like ETC card toll road fee, extension of the rental, repair costs, etc., will be paid at the time of the return.

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Rental Motorcycle’s Explanation and Check

Shop staff will show you your vehicle, making you an explanation of all its basic features. You will then hold with you the scratch check on the vehicle and we will appoint any existent scratch on the vehicle’s scratch sheet. *A second check will be hold at the moment of the return by using the same sheet.

Note: Along with the vehicle’s key, the staff will give you the original vehicle’s inspection certificate. Take care of this very important document as, in case of loss, you will be charged a reissuance fee.

Preparation and Departure

Procedures are finished, so once you have done your preparation you are free to depart.

*In case of any luggage you would like to leave to the shop, ask to the shop staff.

For Customers Using Parking

Parking lot availability depends on your rental shop. Also, since the number of available parking lots is limited, we recommend you to ask in advance about parking lot availability through your reservation or to use public transportation as much as possible. In some case you may be asked to use nearby toll parking lot. In case you come to the store by motorcycle, we basically provide a free custody space, so inform us at the time of your reservation.

*Please note that we are not responsible in any case for damages or accidents to your vehicle.