BASIC RULES of Rental819

To provide our foreign customers with an outmost quality service, we kindly ask you to understand and accept our policy and rules.

Customers who do not understand Japanese are encouraged not to make a reservation through the Japanese website. Please use this contact form instead.

Our service is for over 20 years old customers. 19 years old or lower cannot rent our motorcycles.


Customers have to understand Japanese language, or be accompanied by a Japanese speaker during the rental depending on the shops they want to rent from. This is because unfortunately not all the staff at our shops is able to communicate in English. To rent a motorcycle the rental shop and the customer need to communicate fluently and understand the agreement conditions well to make the transaction smooth.

If you speak Japanese or if you can bring a Japanese speaking companion with you when renting the motorcycle, there is no problem to rent from any of our shops. If you do not speak Japanese or cannot bring a Japanese speaking companion along , please use one of our many shops listed below that have English speaking staff or are used to attending customers from overseas:

In Hokkaido:

In Tohoku:

In Kanto:

In Koshinetsu:

In Tokai:

In Kinki:

In Shikoku:

In Kyushu:

In Okinawa:


You need to prepare ALL these items:

  • International Driving Permit (or Japanese Official Translation)
    ※For more details please see the “License” section.
  • Domestic Driving License (The license issued by your country’s Traffic bureau.)
  • Passport
  • Credit card(s)
  • ※We only accept credit card as payment method for first time customers. Debit cards are NOT accepted. Each renter must pay his rental with his own credit card. Links which may help you:


The line-up is different in each shop. To check it, first select a shop through the location search tab and then you will see the link to the shop’s motorcycle line-up on the left side of the screen.

Rental Options

All our shops offer rental helmets and gloves. Some shops have other extra items for rent such as jackets, top cases, GPS, Electronic Collection Card for tollways, etc. For more details please send us an inquiry.

Inquiries in Japanese and English Welcome