The most famous motorcycle rental service company in Japan


Q1. What is required for renting a motorcycle in Japan?
A. Please see the "Drive in Japan" section.
Q2. Do I have to speak Japanese to rent a motorcycle?
A. Not necessarily. Some shops have English speaking staff, others allow translation through apps or phone. A few shops do require to speak Japanese or be accompanied by a Japanese speaker. This information is displayed at the information page of each shop.
Q3. Can I rent a motorcycle without reservation?
A. Yes. However, only motorcycles available at the shop on the day. There may not be motorcycle models which you would like to rent for that reason, you are recommended to make an early reservation.
Q4. Is there any mileage limit?
A. No, there is no mileage limit.
Q5. When and how to pay the rate?
A. The rate will be charged at the time of departure. Any excess or deficit fee will be calculated when you return the rented vehicle. Please settle first rental charges via acceptable credit card.
Q6. How to calculate Excess Hourly Rate?
A. Rate by Hour will be charged for extra rental time. Please note that you will be charged a penalty for any extra rental time if you do not notify us in advance.
Q7. Is the cost of fuel included in rental rates?
A. No. The rented vehicle is provided with a full tank of fuel. Please return with the tank refueled. Otherwise, the specified refueling charge will apply. It, however, is to be noted that such refueling charges may be higher than those paid at gas stations.
Q8. Can beginner drivers rent a motorcycle?
A. Yes, as long as they are 20 years old or above.
Q9. Is international driving permit acceptable?
A. Yes, as long as they are International driving permits based on the 1949 Geneva convention on road traffic. For more details please see the "Drive in Japan" section of the website.
Q10. May I extend the rental time once the rental has started?
A. In this case please consult with us first. You may be able to extend the rental if the motorcycle has not been booked afterwards by another customer.
Q11. Can I return the rented motorcycle after business hours?
A. No. Please return the motorcycle within the shops' business hours.
Q12. Can I return the rented motorcycle to a different shop?
A. No. Please return the rented motorcycle to the shop you picked up within the business hour.
Q13. Is there any parking space in your rental shops?
A. We are very sorry, but there is no parking space in our rental shops. Therefore we kindly encourage you to take public transportation. If you are not sure how to get to the shop please feel free to ask our staff.
Q14. What is not covered by insurance?
A. In case of an accident you must pay the insurance deductible which varies depending on your motorcycle class (from 10,000yen to 100,000yen). Next, you also must pay the damages in excess which means damages for which insurance payment or compensation is not granted, or damages in excess of such insurance payment or compensation as payable and finally Non-Usability of the vehicle.
Q15. What is Non-Usability of the vehicle?
A. When there is a collision, accident or/and topple down, the motorcycle needs to be repaired, and we cannot rent it while the repair lasts. To cover for some of the money we loose, we charge a non-operation fee of:
20,000 yen if you can bring the motorcycle back to the shop by yourself.
50,000 + tow truck charges, if you cannot bring the motorcycle to the shop by yourself.
Q16. What to do in case of an accident?
A. When an accident occurs, please make sure to follow these four steps:
Make a first aid check
Contact the police
Contact the insurance company
Contact the Rental 819 Center, after working hours please contact Emergency Road Service (ERS).

Please do not forget to receive a certificate of accident from the police.

Q17. I am 19 years old. Can I rent your motorcycle?
A. We are sorry, but our service is for over 20 years old. There is no exception.
Q18. If I see the ETC system “YES” in a motorcycle Spec table, does this mean the motorcycle comes with ETC toll card?
A. No, it means the motorcycle is equipped with the system, but if you want to use it you either need to rent an ETC card from us, or bring your own. At each shop's information page you will see if that particular shop provides ETC card rental or not. For more information please see the "Regarding the ETC card" information inside the "User Guide" section.