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At Rental 819, official Ducati Rental Partner, we support the biggest Ducati lovers: all world Desmo Owners Club.

Being a DOC means not just to own a Ducati motorcycle, but to be a part of the “Ducati World”.
The Ducati World is linked by the passion for Ducati, not only as a vehicle, but also as an important lifestyle standard.
At Rental819, as a part of this lifestyle, we started a DOC dedicated special rental service to invite all world's DOC to enjoy Japan roads.

*depending on your license issuing country, there are several countries which cannot drive in Japan; please check our “License” page.

DOC culture in Japan

Although DOC are a worldwide presence, currently Japan has no DOC, since they are yet to come.

Rental819’s main purpose is to spread the Ducati culture in Japan, a country already totally in love with Ducati motorcycles.
To that end, we would like to invite all world's DOC groups to ride in Japan.

Try to imagine!
Riding in a large group of DOC friends, enjoying the fantastic Japanese scenery, while attracting the attention of Japanese people and leading them to the Ducati world!
Go and spread the Ducati love in Japan with your DOC club mates

Enjoy motorcycle events in Japan with your club mates

Join the Motegi race where the winners of MotoGP season are decided and give your support to Dovizioso, Petrucci and all Ducati legenday pilots with your DOC mates to the victory!

Follow live the legendary Suzuka 8 hour race and spend the experience of a lifetime with your club mates. then go to the Tokyo Motorcycle Show, Asia's largest motorcycle fair, to see live all the new models and comment them with your mates. And finally, reach all these places riding on the Ducati of your dreams

How is it?
Feeling like a dream, right?
From now on, these dreams are no longer just dreams. With Rental819, you can rent your favorite model at the rental location closest to your destination and enjoy all the motorcycle events that you have always seen on TV or on the Internet while riding through Japan with your longtime touring friends!

DOC Special Benefits

To let all world DOC run through Japan with Rental819, we have provided special dedicated benefits .
All DOC making reservation with Rental819 will be receiving a 5% discount on the rental fee and our original sticker as a present.

To be able to use DOC benefits, when making your reservation please include
your club name and member number in the remarks section.