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The 3 Fundamental Items to ride in Japan

In this page we are going to introduce you the 3 items needed to safely ride in Japan with Rental819.

*People owing a Japanese driving license and with Japanese residence do not need any other documents. However we suggest to always keep with you your Visa and your Passport.

First Item: Domestic Driving License

The first, fundamental, item to safely ride in Japan is your domestic license.

Also, it must be not expired and valid for riding the vehicle of your choice in Japan.

Second Item: Passport

Second important item to ride in Japan for people not resident in this country is the Passport. Bring it with you as a personal document and also as a proof of your legal stay in Japan.

*The time limit for a tourist visa in Japan vary from country to country, so please check your maximum permitted length of stay with the Japan Embassy in your country.

Third Item: International Driving Permit or Official Japanese Translation

Basing on your driving license issuing country, to drive in Japan you will need an International Driving Permit based on the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic or an Official Translation of your Driving License made by the Japanese Automobile Federation (JAF).

To check which one of these two documents you will need basing on your country, please check this page 

Riders coming from countries using the International Driving Permit have to make sure to have a stamp on A section for motorcycle riding, to be able to drive motorcycles over 50cc. For less than 50cc motorcycles a stamp on B, C, D or E is enough. Make sure the International Driving Permit is the one based on the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic. There is another one based on the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic which is not valid in Japan.

Important Notes

Finally, to be able to safely ride in Japan with Rental819, please check below first:

  • That Driving License, Passport and (for countries needing it) International Driving Permit are not expired.
  • That the vehicle you are going to book is not excluded by eventual restrictions into your license.
  • For countries needing the IDP, that the IDP has been issued with the stamp on the A section for motorcycles, if you would like to drive a motorcycle over than 50cc. For less than 50cc motorcycles a stamp on B, C, D or E is enough.
  • That your stay in Japan will not be exceeding your visa permitted length of stay.

*Please notice that Rental819 do not take any responsibility for any eventual problems related to above list.